Fine Art Assembly Program

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 05/22/2012 - 13:34

Fine Arts Assembly/Sing Off Assembly  

May 21, 2012


  1. Choirs: Nation Anthem (Verses 1 and 3)-Band is already on the Stage ready to play-  All rise for the National Anthem and the Pledge  (Concert Choir on the risers- they sit on risers after the Anthem.  General Chorus on Stairs and Chamber Choir Women on Stairs.  Afterward they take seats in the front rows.  Orchestra I is back stage waiting to go on.  Jazz band in Band room).


  1. Sing Off Performer Erica Gebert


  1. 8-9th grade band:  Fireflies and Jai Ho-  After, Orchestra I takes the stage quietly during the Choir song.  Band goes to the Band room (or to chairs in the theatre- Matt decides)


  1. Concert Choir: Deo Gratias (4 body mics)
  1. Risers  (after, Concert Choir exits the risers and goes to the back of the assembly.  Chamber Choir men take their seats with the Chamber Choir women in the front row.  General Chorus takes the risers and sits).


  1. Sing Off Performer Heather Churchill


  1. Orchestra: Beginning/Intermediate Orchestra is playing Harry Potter (themes from Goblet of Fire)  
  1. Apron-stage (After Orchestra I exits to the back of the Assembly? while Orchestra Advanced gets on quietly)


  1. General Chorus: Benjamin Calypso(4 body mics- after take them down and get ready for Show Choir)
  1. Risers (after, General Chorus goes back to their seats)


  1. Sing Off Performer Abigail Hawkins


  1. Orchestra: Advanced is playing Pirates of the Caribbean
  1. Apron-stage (after, the Band and Orchestra take the stage)while Mrs. Hopkins sings  half of Senior Don Gato).


  1. Band and Orchestra:  Let’s Go Loud  and Chopsticks (featuring Mr. Huff on the Piano)
  1. Apron-stage, open curtain, Lights up.  (After, the Band and Orchestra helps clear the stage and Apron and goes back to where they came from)


  1. Sing Off Performer Reagan Fausett (Curtain Closes and stage is completely cleared quietly).


  1. Chamber Choir:  Adiemus (in 2 rows like at Christmas on the Apron- 2 solo mics.  Caitlyn Nixon has it first then hands it to Kaitlin or Alex, then they hand it to Holly and Brianne.  They then hand it back).   After, they go back to their seats or change for Show Choir.     **Mrs. Hopkins will finish Senior Don Gato for the transition.**


  1. Jazz Band and Show Choir: Haven’t Met You Yet
  1. Choir on Stage-Apron, Jazz Band on Stairs  (After, SC changes for thriller)


  1. Sing Off Performer Maddie Wilson
  1. Extension


  1. Jazz Band and Show Choir: Thriller
  1. Choir on Stage-Apron, Jazz Band on Risers