Halloween Costumes

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Parents and Students,

It has been a long-standing tradition for Spanish Fork Junior High School students to wear appropriate costumes to school for Halloween. This year, it is our intention to maintain the positive and fun spirit of this event. While students are not required to wear costumes on Halloween, those students who do wish to participate are reminded of the following guidelines:

  1. Costumes may not mock another student, faculty member, race, religious, or lifestyle preference.
  2. Excessive make up and face paint are not allowed.
  3. Costume accessories that are deemed dangerous or similar to weaponry are not permitted.
  4. No masks of any kind are allowed as they impede your vision and conceal your identity.
  5. Finally, all costumes should maintain the integrity of our school dress code. Other props of any kind should be left at home.

Please understand that these guidelines are put in place to ensure the safety of all our students. If a student’s costume is found to be inappropriate, she/he will be asked to remove the costume and/or may be sent home. Wearing a costume is considered a school privilege.

Students are allowed to wear their costumes during the course of the day, but the costume must not interfere with the student’s duties and responsibilities, both in and out of class. Plan to wear costumes that are comfortable, as they will be worn all day.

Each year, our students display some of the most well designed costumes that require a lot of thought and planning. This year should be no different. We look forward to seeing the creativity of our students when they arrive at school on October 31st. Let’s all have an enjoyable day in school.

Mr. Loveless

Mrs. LeMmon

Mr. Mortensen