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​It's time for our March Madness PTA Fundraiser.  Your student will be bringing home a donation envelope on Monday, March 19th.  Please think about donating to your school. Read the envelope- it's funny! All money will be used for PTA programs that benefit your student including a grant to the school for technology. The envelopes need to be signed, whether you donate or not, and sent back to the school by Friday, March 23rd.  Prize drawings will happen each morning from the turned in envelopes. We will also be giving prizes to the FIRST class with 100% turned in and to the class with the next highest percentage turned in. Thanks for your support!


March 14th is Pi Day at SFJHS and we celebrate by providing all students a piece of pie! If you or your student are providing a pie for the celebration, please be aware that we have many students with peanut and nut allergies. If you can avoid these ingredients, please do so that all students can enjoy a piece of delicious pie. Thanks!


Next week, counseling and the student council will be working together to present a fun-filled week emphasizing the importance and impact of kindness. There will be more information coming soon! CHOOSE KINDNESS!


Mar 14th: Math Pi Day in theatre

Mar 15th: Term 3 Ends, NJHS Induction Meeting 7:00

Mar 16th: No School- PC Comp Day

Mar 19th: Term 4 Begins

Mar 19-23: Kindness Week, PTA March Madness Fundraiser

March 20th: Utah State Orchestra Festival

March 21-26: "High School Musical"