Mr. Bass Electrifies Science Classes

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Have you ever sat outside your house during a thunder storm to watch the lightning? Nikola Tesla invented the famous Tesla coil that creates electricity or lightning to replenish the earth.  In the Tesla coil there are things called capacitors that store electricity. When a switch is flipped, the electricity is released through the machine. In the atmosphere there is a layer called the ‘Ozone Layer’. It protects us from the Sun's harsh rays, without it we could die. Lightning helps restore that ozone layer during a storm. That is why there is always a fresh scent after lightning storms. Since the Tesla coil produces lightning it also produces that fresh scent.

The Tesla coil’s electricity is powerful enough to power a fluorescent light bulb even when it is held over one foot away. They are so powerful that if you aren’t careful around it, it could injure you and you could possibly die.

Tyler Steineckert, builder of his own Tesla coil, came to our school to teach some of our science students about electricity. Since he built it himself he knows how it works and what parts are dangerous. He started by talking about the parts of it, how it works. He can even use his computer to turn it on and off at different frequencies to create different sounds to create songs. Some of the songs included Blow by Ke$ha, Funky Town by Lipps Inc., and even the popular Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

Spanish Fork Junior high would like to thank Tyler for coming and teaching us about electricity in a more unique way. Thanks so much Tyler!



By Kelsie Christensen—Features Editor