Rowdy Beaman: Our Own Michael Phelps

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Did you know that the 6 foot ninth grader Rowdy Beaman was on Salem Hill’s swim team? Well you do now! He’s been practicing 20 hours a week! Could you do that?

The Lobo Howl got a chance to interview Rowdy and ask him questions about swimming. He started swimming about three years ago, because his dad told him he would be good at it. His dad was correct, because at Rowdy’s first high school meet he broke four records. He broke the 500 free time in 5.31.73 and the 200 free time in 2.06.99. He didn’t know the other times for the other two, but they were the 400 and 200 free relays.

He said the funniest thing that has happened while he was swimming was, “Once my pants fell off while swimming.” While telling this he had a huge grin and a red face. When asked about his thoughts on shaving legs he replied, “Only for big meets. I’ve only done it once.”

Rowdy’s favorite thing about swimming is the water and his favorite stroke is the butterfly. His hero is his dad, who when he was in 9th grade was the fastest freshman for the 500 free time in the state of New York. The main coaches for the team of 60 are Sherri Scabeland (Assistant BYU Swim Coach) and Brad Graham (High School Swim Coach). Before they get in the water, they all stretch.


By Olivia Chriatian