September Teacher of the Month

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/19/2012 - 10:11
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The teacher of the month for Spanish Fork Junior High is Margie Dobson.   Ms. Dobson is our school hostess.  She loves to serve others and make them feel valued and appreciated.  She is generous with her time and energy.  She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys traveling.

Ms. Dobson has been in charge or helped with every major faculty party for years.  She loves to cook and decorate for special occasions.  She has an eye for making things look amazing.  She has donated many special prizes to our faculty.  We wouldn’t know how to have a party without her.

She has coached tennis for the last several years and also is a timer and score keeper for the basketball teams.  She is always ready to help where needed and continually volunteers.  One of her coworkers stated, “Margie Dobson has five or six different preps that she is teaching throughout the day, yet she has taken time to help me solve problems and ease my transition to a new school.  She is always willing to help.  She has been a lifesaver”.

Ms. Dobson has trained and participated in a triathalon.  She has traveled all over Europe singing and dancing with BYU’s Young Ambassadors.  She also regularly visits her children and grandchildren who are spread throughout the world.

Congratulations Ms. Dobson you are a wonderful asset to our school.