SFJHS Choir Concert

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On October 24th, the Spanish Fork Junior High Choir had their very first choir concert of the year. The conductor’s name is Ashley Eyre and she is new to the school this year. There are four choirs altogether: Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, Bel Canto, and Beginning Choir. Each of these groups sang three songs in the concert.  All of the choirs included seventh, eighth, and ninth graders from the school. The concert began with a performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” sung by the Chamber Singers. A couple of highlights from the night included performances of the “The Clouds”, and “Inscription of Hope”. “The Clouds” was sung by the Beginning Choir. This song is about war and how we can make the world a better place. “Inscription of Hope” was performed at the very end by the Chamber Singers, the Concert Choir, and the Bel Canto.The lyrics of this song were inscripted on the walls of a Jewish concentration camp and are about finding hope and how hope can truly keep you alive. The cafeteria was packed with parents, teachers, and friends all their to support these young singers. The next chance to see the Spanish Fork Junior High Choirs in action will be in December for a Christmas concert. Don’t miss the chance to see these groups perform!  

by Olivia Roberts (student)