Shakespeare Festival

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Just last weekend, the Spanish Fork Junior High Shakespeare team went down to Cedar City to perform their acts in front of Utah's best judges. Our junior high competed against many others from all around Utah.

For months, each individual would practice many times a week. When the time came, they loaded their costumes and personal belongings onto the bus, and headed down to Cedar City to be judged. This was a three-day weekend.  They came home LATE Saturday night. While at Cedar City, each scene would perform in front of a judge three times. After they were done, they would be told what they should improve for the next judge.

When one wasn't performing, they could go cheer their friends on. One of the nights that they were there, they got to take a break from all the stress and see a show called “When You Wish.”

Our school placed fifth overall for the competition. There were thirty-one schools total.

Good job to all of the students and their advisers for representing SFJHS!

By Laney Brighton Forbush (Student)