Sneak Peak at Lunch

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The Lobo Howl had the opportunity to talk to some of our schools lunch staff, and were able to find the inside scoop on our school lunch. When asked what their favorite meals are to serve, they answered rice bowls. Did you know our school serves three different kinds of rice bowls? At lunch they rotate through Sweet and Sour chicken, Mandarin Orange chicken, and Teriyaki chicken. They sometimes will even serve fortune cookies and/or egg rolls to go along with them.

Do you know what meal your fellow students choose more than others? Pizza, is the most common meal seen on a students’ tray on pizza days. Don’t forget the side of fries to go with your pizza. French fries are the most popular side dish that students eat.

If given the chance to take one meal off of the menu and to be able to substitute it with another, they would remove the beef stroganoff and replace it with Southwestern turkey wraps. Also if given the chance to add another meal, they would add in chicken salads.

Next time you go into our cafeteria, whether it be for breakfast or lunch, make sure to thank your lunch staff for their effort in making your food. Thanks again for your time and for the food you feed us!


By Kelsie Christensen—Features Editor