Spanish Fork Jr. High Learns about Plagarism

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All students at Spanish Fork Jr. High have been learning about plagarism the past week. Mrs. Thompson challenged her 2nd period English class to compose some poems and paragraphs about plagarism. Here is a sample of some of their work:


Plagiarism is snarky

It smells like a humid computer lab, full of procrastinators.

It tastes like bile burning in your throat.

It sounds like click!click!click! Copy and Paste.

It feels like receiving a gold medal for a race you didn't run.

It lives in the conscience of the heart, mind, and soul of all cheaters.

Mrs. Thompson



Plagiarism is brown

It smells like a prison.

It tastes like bitter words.

It sounds like the moans of the dead.

It feels like the unwelcomeness and evil of the devil.

It lives in the souls of traitors.

Dallin Hancock






Plagiarism is a sickly yellow color.

It smells like sweat, popping up on the face, as you copy.

It tastes like a hamburger when you're on a Weight Watchers Program

(You know you shouldn't, but you do).

It sounds like your shallow breath as you hand in the paper.

It feels like a slick algae covered rock as you try to balance.

It lives in the hearts of cowards.

By Jackson Badger




Plagiarism is stealing.

It smells like the computer lab.

It tastes like the peel of an orange.

It sounds like click, click.

It feels horrible.

It lives in the people who don't do their homework.

Tyrell Przybecien




Wow! I only thought plagiarism was just copying and pasting someone else's work, but it is way more than that. You can be plagiarizing even if you just get ideas from the internet. If you don't say who the ideas are from, you could be plagiarizing too! A way not to plagiarize is quotation marks. If you use them and say who wrote or said it then that's not using plagiarism. Another way to avoid plagiarism is just saying at the end of your writing which site you got your information from on the internet. It's that easy!

There are many ways to plagiarize and yet there are many ways not to plagiarize. Think about it the next time you find ideas from the internet.


Maddy Park





Wow! I always thought plagiarism was just copying! Today I learned that plagiarism is copying someone else's work. Even if it is just a couple words, if you don't give them credit, you are doing a crime. When you copy and paste something, without giving credit, you can get in big trouble! Keep that in mind when you find a good quote or a funny picture. Don't just copy and paste.


McKenna Griffiths