Spanish Fork Junior High’s Adaptations to Covid-19

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/23/2020 - 14:39
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Covid-19 has changed many lives. The way we do things in going back to school is no exception. Spanish Fork Junior High School, and many other schools in and out of the district, as well as schools throughout the country, have had to change the setup and organization of how things are done during the school day.

One of these changes within our school is the sanitation of our building throughout the day. At the end of every period, the teachers and students sanitize the seats and desks. The door handles are also sanitized many times throughout the day by the janitorial staff. After school, there is a deep cleaning of all the surfaces for the next day to be clean and safe.  

Along with sanitation, everyone is required to wear masks to slow the spread of germs and Covid-19. Wearing masks for hours a day is challenging, but the teachers are enforcing it to try to help keep staff and students safe. At the beginning of the year, the Junior High gave out masks with our school logo on it, so that every student would have a mask to wear to help keep themselves and others safe. 

The school has ways to help kids social distance, one of the ways they enforce social distancing, is arrows located on the floor of every hallway to show students what side of the hallway to stay on. They have also been social distancing in the cafeteria to give students the proper space to safely take off their masks and eat. In the classrooms, the students' desks are spread out as much as possible. 

Another way that Spanish Fork Junior High has taken safety precautions is with the drinking fountains. There have been new water bottle fillers put in the halls to replace drinking fountains. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to use during the day.

Spanish Fork Junior High has done a great job of keeping the school safe to return to in-person learning. We have been very fortunate to be able to come back to school and we want to keep it that way. If everyone follows the school's safety procedures, hopefully, we will be able to reduce sickness and the transmission of Covid-19.

By: Kate Bernards (student)