US History Honors Projects Really Shine

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 10/23/2019 - 12:14
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Our 8th Grade US History Honors Track completed their 1st term projects and they're AMAZING!

Each US History Honors student is required to complete one project each term. Each project will cover a specific element of the history that we cover that term in our US History classes.

 At Honors pack times, students complete research, plan out and create their projects. Students have the freedom to research whatever they would like and take creative liberties on how to present it. Research must be in depth and all students write a research paper that accompanies their project.

The following students’ projects showed an extraordinary grasp of the time periods studied and deserve special mention:

Alexa Little: Made a hand-sewn, traditional Inca Dress

Sandra Swaidan: Made a beautiful replica of the Mayflower

Sarah Baker: Wrote a short story about the first Native Americans to meet Columbus

Allen Holley: Made a real Atlatl, a device used by the earliest North American inhabitants to kill bison and mammoths

By Jacinda Dietrich with Rillene Nielsen Photo by Jacinda Dietrich