Your Top 5

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For this issue The Lobo Howl decided to do something a little different to mix it up. Instead of asking the students, we thought it would be fun to get the teacher’s answers. We went around and asked twenty random teachers what their favorite Thanksgiving dish is. For some of the teachers they couldn’t decide on one single dish.

The top most loved dish was a tie between stuffing and turkey. The next in line were mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie, yams, and green bean casserole. The last ones were snowman (Mr. Bingham’s favorite), pecan pie, turkey skin, homemade rolls, cranberry sauce, and deviled eggs.

If you haven’t tried some of these dishes yet, but see them at Thanksgiving dinner, try them out. Since our wise teachers like them so much, there must be reason for it. Go on and try something new! Don’t do the green eggs and ham treatment! You never know, you just might like it!


By Olivia Christian