SFJH Pack Time

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Spanish Fork Jr. High is focused on achieving high levels of student learning.  Pack Time is a new program at SFJH this year and is being used as a tool to help accomplish this goal. 

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday students have twenty-five minutes of Pack Time.  This time is used to accomplish several different things for students.  The most beneficial thing for students during this time is providing help for students whose grade(s) are lower than a C-.  Students who find themselves in this situation can go to the teacher whose class they are struggling in for some personal help during Pack Time. 

Mason Colledge said, “I missed some days of school because I got hurt in football.  I was able to come back to school and use Pack Time to get caught up in my classes.” 

Students whose grades do not fall below C- also have some great options to enhance their education.  Some of those options include study halls to complete homework, learning 3-D art on computers, book clubs, and preparation with a teacher for national tests.  Seventh-grade student, Juliana Millet, uses Pack Time “as a reward for getting good grades.”  Her favorite way to spend Pack Time is going to the gym and playing basketball and other sports.

Not only are students benefiting from this program, but teachers, as well, are finding this time invaluable in helping struggling students.  Joe Anson, an English teacher at SFJH said, “I have been able to spend the one-on-one time necessary to catch the struggling students up to speed.” 

Spanish Fork Jr. High is excited to have this new program.  Great things are happening because of Pack Time and things for students and teachers are expected to only get better with time.