Spanish Fork Jr. High Tennis

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The Tennis team at Spanish Fork Jr. High School just completed a successful rebuilding season.  The team consisted of twenty hard-working girls.  Only four of those twenty girls had any previous experience in playing tennis!  Coach Sandi Coxson said, “Because it was a building year for us, we only won two of our five team matches but with each one, the girls improved their skills so much.”  Each of the girls won at least one of their sets throughout the season.  This was a great victory considering the girls’ lack of experience and Coach Coxson is very proud of them.             Many of the girls were victorious in the final tournament of the season.  McKenzie Hancock placed 3rd and Ali Duncan placed 5th in the JV Singles category.  Nicole Hermanson and Madi Miller placed 5th in the Varsity Singles category.  The team of Alex Overson and Kirtlyn Bohling placed 5th, Pagie Mitchell and Anna Castleberry, as well as Ashley Black and Madi Murphy, placed 6th and Holly Roberts and Breanna Garlic placed 7th in the Doubles category.             Spanish Fork Jr. High congratulates the girls and their coaches on such a great “building” year.  

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