Spanish Fork Jr. High Visits the Krishna Temple

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World Geography students at Spanish Fork Junior High School had a field trip to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple Tuesday, October 19.  They were welcomed by Vai Devi, who introduced the students to the animals they care for.    Students were allowed to hold the birds, lead the llamas, and compete in a llama race up the hill to the temple where many of the llamas had different ideas about the race and dug in their heels. 

Caru Dasa then gave the students an insightful presentation on India and the foundations for their beliefs.  Upstairs, Sri Hunuman led the students in Yoga that left many students realizing how out of shape they really are.  Elizabeth Cope said that she “hurt really badly” after the yoga lesson. 

Finally, the students were provided with a wonderful buffet lunch trying out many vegetarian dishes.  Sierra Jensen said, “Going to the Krishna Temple was a great experience.  It gave me an understanding of Hinduism.”   Many students felt that cultural misconceptions were dispelled that day and many talked about taking their families there to experience this wonderful asset in our community. We, students and Geography teachers at Spanish Fork Junior High School, want to thank the owners Caru Dasa and his wife Vaibhavi Devi Dasi for their gracious hospitality and willingness to teach us about their world. 
By Kaye Brockbank