8th Grade Students Represent Spanish Fork Jr. High School is the American Mathematics Competition

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 12/18/2009 - 09:16

Thirteen 8th grade students recently represented Spanish Fork Jr. High School in the American Mathematics Competition.  They were Tyler Averett, Chandler Bennett, Kirtlyn Bohling, Daniel Chowdhry, Meagan Christensen, Westley Cook, Joshua Cowley, Taylor Hansen, Devere Morris, Suzanne Rhodes, Holly Roberts, Rachel Sly, and Natalie Wixom.  The national average for the contest was 12.2.  Spanish Fork Jr. High’s average was also 12.2. 


The top three students in each school earned the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.  Westley Cook won the gold for SFJH.  He also scored in the top 5% of the nation with a score of 17.  Suzie Rhodes won the silver with a score of 16 and Chandler Bennett won the bronze for SFJH with a score of 15.  Congratulations go to these students and all of the other students for doing such a great job in representing Spanish Fork Jr. High in this competition.
by Kaye Brockbank