Welcome Winter Winds

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“Welcome Winter Winds” was presented by several choirs of SFJH on December 2, 2009 in a beautifully disguised cafeteria with snowflakes, overhead strands of Christmas lights, and electric candles. The overall sentiment was one of infectious enthusiasm and joy of the season given by the performers to the audience through song and dance . Music is such an integral part of Christmas, and the variety of songs performed gave a renewed appreciation of what Christmas is all about. Students shared their feelings about what Christmas means to them, with comments centering around family, love, and the baby Jesus.    We heard the vocal talents of soloists Michelle Jones, Maddy Shearer, Steven Russell, and Savana Johnson. Also exhibited in one song were hand drums by Nicole Christensen, finger cymbals by Aubree Head, and the vibraphone by Taylor Baum. Maddy Money also capably accompanied the song, “Welcome Winter Winds.” The SSA Choir danced to “The Spirit of the Season,” choreographed by Sophie Swenson, Brianna Alldredge, and Rebecca Rowley. There is amazing talent here at Spanish Fork Junior High!   In conclusion, Mrs. Sharon Hopkins shared her feelings about Christmas, that it’s a time to “remember who you are, who you love, and who loves you.” She explained that love warms the cold of winter and that each of us change others’ lives by who we are. She then shared a wonderful Christmas gift by singing “Snows of Christmas” with her husband, Trevor, a touching rendition reminding us that the Love of Christmas brings us peace and salvation.

by Ruth Ann Williams