Spanish Fork Junior High School Announcements

Spanish Fork Junior High School Announcements for 9/28/2022

Double the Detention Covered!

Calling All Students...
You can receive DOUBLE the detention hours on Student Make Up Day! Come work on your grades while working off your detention time on Tuesday, September 27 from 2:35 to 4:00 pm.

Remember: You will not be able to attend school Activities if you owe more than three hours of detention.

Pack Parities: Every term we have a Pack Party to celebrate things that students are doing well in. For the 1st Term Pack Party the qualifications will be "NO DETENTION OWED" Start working off those detention hours so you can participate in the celebration. Pack Party will be Oct. 25.

Sing the National Anthem?

Calling all singers! If you are interested in singing the Star Spangled Banner for the school please come visit Mrs. Thomson in the choir room after school any day. We love having students sing-come share your voice with us!


Nebo School District has a fantastic tradition that they have been doing for man, many years.  That tradition is called Captain's Academy.  This is