October 2021

Kelliann Wright Wins October Wolf Pack Award

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Wolves live in packs and share the duties of raising the young.  They care for each other as individuals and transfer knowledge from one generation to another. It takes loyalty, a playful spirit, patience, teamwork, and the ability to communicate to ensure that the young pups grow into strong members of the pack.  

story by Rillene Nielsen photo by Jessica Lindley


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All Freshmen planning on trying out at the Jr High for the Freshmen Boys Basketball team will need to provide a completed physical exam on the day of tryouts.

Tryouts will be held Wednesday November 10 at SFJHS.

Those trying out for the Freshman team will NOT be required to complete RegisterMyAthlete. This is for the high school’s use only!

Only those freshmen who have personally been invited to tryout at the high school, should attend the high school tryouts.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Sorensen or Coach Johnson

Audience Loves Fall Choir Concert

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On October 13, 2021, the Spanish Fork Junior High choirs performed in a Fall Concert.  Singers shared their talents with a very appreciative audience.  Mrs. Jessica Lindley, Dean of Students at SFJH, told choir members and director Ms. Jessi Jarvis, “I just love coming to your concerts!”

story by Rillene Nielsen Pictures by Jessi Jarvis