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We are ready to congratulate our five finalists for our songwriter’s competition hosted and judged by: Mrs. Hopkins (Choir Teacher). Sariah Lee, India Quist, Kaitlin Adams Hailey Boggess and Zac Hansen are all fabulous song writers, as we saw in the Assembly a couple of weeks ago.

Sariah Lee, a ninth grader, wrote the song; Falling. She thinks that it is,” A good song that many people can relate to".

India Quist, a ninth grader, wrote a song called; Ocean Eyes. India says that it is "About a friend of mine, and some hard times he was going through, that were creating a rough spot in his life." India has been writing music for quite awhile and feels that singing is a great way to express yourself.

Kaitlin Adams, a ninth grader, wrote the song; Mr. Blue Eyes. "This song is about a boy, or a couple of boys I have known for a long time." Kaitlin has been writing music for about three years.

Hailey Boggess, a ninth grader, wrote the song; Head over Heels. "It is a song about a boy, of course!" Hailey has been writing music for four to five years now.

Zac Hansen, a ninth grader and the only boy, wrote the song “I Don’t Care.” Zac wrote this song about a day where everything was going wrong, and he just didn't seem to care. Zac has now been writing songs for eight years, and is a one man ban. Zac plays the drums, guitar, piano and even sings!

These five students are only some of the talent we have here at Spanish ForkJunior High School, and we can't wait to see more!

The Song Writer's Assembly also featured the Shakespeare Dance Team.  The team recently returned from a competition in Cedar City.  Jaden Jensen and Jessica Peabody performed first, an excerpt from Sonnet 27 called Reminiscence. Jaden said that his experience was amazing and his favorite part of the trip was taking first place in the duo dance. The ensemble group also performed Cause and Effect inspired by Othello. Tessah Peterson, playing Iago, said she had a great time; she “loved it and it was really fun to compete.”

The leads in the ensemble dance group were Tessah Peterson as Iago, Jaden Jensen as Othello, Hunter Healey as Cassio, Sariah Lee as Rodrigo and Jenessa Pratt as Othello's wife, Desdemona.

Everyone who performed in the assembly really enjoyed it and did very well. Thank you to the teacher's who took the time to make this possible! Congratulations to the winners of the Song Writer's Competition!


By Tristan Anderson and Madeline Stocks