She Blinded Me! With Science!

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 01/21/2011 - 08:53

The science fair at Spanish Fork Junior High School was held Thursday, January 20, in the media center.  The students put a lot of work into their projects. Some had as much as 800 hours in their experiments alone.  There was great variety in the fair projects and the students presented their experiments to the judges as professional researchers.  Shane Waters and Trent Syme do an outstanding guiding their students to this high level of achievement.  The winning students will participate in the District Science Fair, February 24, and possibly the B.Y.U. Science fair as well. 

Congratulations to the eighth-grade winners:  Devri Adams, 1st place; John Horton, 2nd place; Andrea Findlay, 3rd place; and Overall Best went to Kaitlin Hallam. 

Ninth-grade winners Amelia Weight, 1st place; Nathan Christiansen, 2nd place; Lindsay Brown, 3rd place; and Overall Best went to Hannah Tambasco!  Good luck at the next level of competition! 

by: Laura Carter