Utah 4A/5A Junior High State Wrestling Tournament

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 02/02/2011 - 08:04

Spanish Fork Wrestling team finished very strong this year at the state tournament with six top placers and one state champion. The wrestlers had some very exciting matches with some wins being decided by only one point. Coming back from 8th place as a team Spanish Fork finished 4th in state overall behind Champions Wrestling Club (1st), Payson Wrestling (2nd), and Mountain Crest (3rd). Every wrestler has the opportunity to earn points for their team. The Spanish Fork team is low in numbers with only 17 on the team. Not even enough wrestlers for each of the 23 different weight divisions in which some clubs have double the numbers in the divisions. Our team is short on numbers but very high in skill and toughness. Each member of the team pushes the other to be better. They depend on each other in the practice room to make them work harder every day. They come from two different schools and represent one of the best wrestling communities in the state of Utah.

 State Champion Zach Harris refuses to lose. He wrestles to win and that’s what he does. Win after win throughout the season he simply plows through wrestlers with his speed, power, agility, and solid technique. His matches are all emotionally charged and electrifying to witness.

 Team captain Conner Sorensen was the highest team scorer who didn’t take first place at the tournament. He is a tough and smart wrestler going to state with a recuperating knee injury. His third place finish was an upset, however any state competitor must either avoid him altogether or pray for a miracle to get past him. He earned his team 22 points and helped secure fourth place in the final rounds of the tournament.

 Jorgan Olsen placed 4th at state. His matches come down to the wire and watching him drag fleeing opponents back into the ring as they try to run away from is very fun to watch. Austin Sutch is our best leg rider and wears his opponents down or gets them to bleed out, literally. Isaac Parrish executes every takedown with precision and explosiveness. Jonathan DeYoung is a talented first year wrestler taking 5th at state facing opponents with years of experience over him.

 One wrestler, Mason Colledge had an excellent year, going mostly undefeated at all meets during the season. He went up a weight class division at the state tournament for an extra challenge earning his team 11 points. He will be one wrestler to watch for in the future.

 Zach Harris (DF) 1st place/ 27 points

Conner Sorensen  (SF)3rd place/ 22 points

Ledgend Carter (DF) 3rd place/ 17 team points.

Jorgan Olsen (DF) 4th  place/ 16 team points.

Austin Sutch (SF) 5th place/ 18 points

Jonathan DeYoung (SF) 5th place/ 17 points

Isaac Parrish (SF) 5th place/ 14 points

Mason Colledge (SF) 11 points

Dakota Frazier (DF) 7 points

Jacob Biesinger (DF) 7 points

Tyler Cooper (SF) 6 points

Collin Collyer (DF) 5 points

Ethan Spotten (DF) 3 points

Austin Perez  (DF) 3 points

Sawyer Baum (DF) 2.5 points

Ariel Flores (DF) 0 points

Thomas Cole (DF) 0 points

by: Matthew Wendell