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SFJHS Board 2020-2021

  • President- Karla Froelich
  • President Elect- Amber Hebdon
  • Secretary- Laura Olsen
  • Treasurer- Hilary Fallon
  • Reflections- Karla Froelich
  • Teacher Appreciation Week- Laura Olsen and Karla Froelich
  • Teacher Birthdays- Amy Cannon
  • SEP Teacher Dinners- Rebecca Roberts
  • Bookfair- Annette Porter
  • Fundraiser-
  • Membership- Holly Fagan
  • Monday Munchies- Brooke Bigelow

Meeting Dates:

2nd Thursday of each month in the library.  Please wear a mask and sit at your own table:

  • Oct. 8
  • Nov. 12
  • Dec. 10
  • Jan. 14
  • Feb. 11
  • Mar. 11
  • April 15
  • May 13

Spanish Fork Junior High School Reflections Winners 2020

 All awards are Award of Excellence except those specified


  • Dave Rawlins “Going Up” (HS)
  • Sarah Baker “The Clown and the Shadow” (HS)
  • Lydia Dauphinee “Just Me” (MS)
  • Eliza Bristow “Why Do I Matter (MS)

Award of Merit 

  • Makayla Smith “I Matter My Way” (MS)
  • Sadie Jack “I Love You, My Stardust” (HS)

Honorable Mention

  • Brynlie Golding “I Matter Because…” (MS)
  • Fernando Herrara “Musical Help” (HS)

Film Production

  • Sandra Swaidan “Pills” (HS)
  • Jacob Mennear “Remember” (MS)
  • Bryant Froelich “The 3 M’s” (MS)
  • Sarah Froelich “The Things I Love” (MS)

Music Composition

  • Alyssa Whitaker  “I Matter”  (HS)

Dance Choreography

  • Dakodah Hew-Len “Always Enjoy The Climb” (MS)

2D Art

  • Eisley Diaz “Expression Matters” (MS)
  • Olivia Nelson “I Matter Because I have a Voice” (MS)
  • Sarah Froelich “What Makes Me Matter” (MS)
  • Alyssa Wessman “Little Things” (HS)

 3D Art

  • Sarah Froelich “I Know That I Matter” (MS)


  • Eli Chacon “Busy Bee” (HS)
  • Alleah Wood “Beautiful World” (MS)
  • Kara Olson “Leaves” (MS)
  • Sarah Froelich “Why I Matter” (MS)