Julie Johnson Pres
Laura Olsen Pres Elect
Nicole Norris Secretary
Cheryl Lynn Nielsen Treasurer
Matt Christensen Principal
Alesha LeMmon Vice Principal
  Teacher Rep
Shannon Hales Counselor Rep
Karla Froelich Reflections
Megan Oliverson Fundraiser
Amy Engle Book Fair
  Book Fair
Cathy Bennett Munchie Mondays
Wendy Patton Munchie Mondays
  Teacher Appreciation Week
Rebecca Roberts SEP / Teacher Dinners
  SEP / Teacher Dinners
DeDe Bryner Birthdays *
Upcoming events are:
*Vision Screening for the 7th Graders - September 20 at 8:30 in the morning (We still need 10 more volunteers.  We are trying to help get this done during their 1st period class.)
*SEP's on September 29 (we help provide the dinner for the teachers)
*Book Fair - September 25-29.  Come check it out during SEP's.
*Reflections are due October 23.  The theme this year is "Within Reach"