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Faculty and Staff



Chris Loveless
Alesha LeMmon
Assistant Principal
Blake Mortensen
Dean of Students
Heather Gross
Chris Hall
Cory Lewis
Resource Officer
Susan Fay


Sharman Brown
School Counselor (A - D)
Melissa Lewis
School Counselor (E-K)
Jeff Cook
School Counselor (L-N)
Shannon Bennett
School Psychologist/Counselor (O-Q)
Travis Palfreyman
School Counselor (R-Z)
Becky Provstgaard
Counseling Office Secretary


Chaleesa Warren
College & Career Awareness, Ag Science, Animal Science
Room: 40
David Thacker
Digital Literacy, Exploring Computer Science
Room: 51
Eddy Rawlings
College & Career Awareness
Room: 38
Jenica Woolley
College & Career Awareness/Tech 2
Room: 28B
Kathy Thacker
FACS C, College & Career Awareness, Sewing Construction and Textiles
Room: B1 & B6
Kayla Duckworth
Foods & FACS F
Room: 50

Fine Arts

Angela Harman
Beginning Orchestra, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2, Orchestra 3
Room: 12
Bridgett Johnson
Room: 13
David Millman
Art 1, Art 2, Art 7
Room: 30
Jessica Jarvis
Chorus/Music Appreciation/Chamber & Concert Choirs
Room: 14
Kris Holley
Film 1, Drama 1, Drama 2, Drama 3, Drama 4, Theater Tech 1, Theater Tech 2, Costumes and Make Up
Room: 37

Language Arts

Alyssa Christensen
English 7/9
Room: 3
Chance Carter
English 8
Room: 1
Chris Thompson
English 8 & ESL
Room: 4
Jaimie Dannelly
English 7, Student Council Adviser, Yearbook, English 7 Honors
Room: 42
Jonathan Lawrence
English 9
Room: A2
Robin White
English 9, Creative Writing, and Literature & Film
Room: 2
Sarina Harkness
English 7
Room: 35
Susan Anderson
English 8/9
Room: 10


Allyson Mitchell
Math 7
Room: 8
Charlotte Whiteside
Math 8/8 Honors
Room: 8
Jennifer Fong
Sec Math 1 and Sec Math 1 Honors
Room: 5
John Sutton
Math 8, Study Hall
Room: 7
Kelliann Wright
Secondary Math 1, and Secondary Math 2 Honors.
Room: 23
Lisa Peterson
Math 7/8
Room: 6
Maddie Anderson
Math 8/Secondary Math 1
Room: 9
Megan Lynn
Math 7/ Math 7 honors
Room: 26

Media Center

Kaye Brockbank
Marcie Wilson


Alec Carlson
PE, Health, Aerobic Conditioning, Weight Training, Yoga
Room: Gym
Ashli Brooks
8th and 9th grade Health and PE
Room: A1 and the Gym
Chelsey Denter
Health / PE
Room: A1/Gym
Garrett Johnson
Boys P.E., Part Skills, Weight Training, Body Conditioning
Room: Boys Gym
Kylee Street
Room: Girls Gym
Melissa Kay
Health, Yoga
Room: 28


Abigail Dean
Science 7
Room: 39
Hailey Pittenger
Science 7
Room: 43
J. Merrill Hallam
Room: 16
Jared Coffman
Science 8
Room: 48
Lindsay Sorensen
Science 8 & Earth Science
Room: 47
Shane Waters
Earth Science
Room: 49
Tanner Mortimer
Science 8
Room: 44
Yemina Geroli
Science 7/8
Room: 46

Social Studies

Alyse Freeland
U.S. History
Room: 33
Brian Beck
Utah Studies
Room: 17
Jacinda Vawdrey
Geography / US History
Room: 31
Lois Terry
AP Human Geography, World Civilizations, Geography
Room: B3
Meagan Nelson
U. S. History
Room: 32
Russell LeMmon
World Civilizations, Geography
Room: B2

Special Education - Teachers

Amy Daniels
Remote Special Ed
Camille Davies
Math 7/8, Study Skills
Room: 22
Esther Zacharias
Secondary Math 1, Math 8, SpEd
Room: 21
Janna Voss
Room: 41
Kris Cary
Naomi Phillips
ESC and Peer Tutoring
Room: B5
Patti Tripp
English 7/9
Room: 24
Shalawn Gerratt
English 8/9
Room: 25
Stacy Vonk

World Languages

Jacinda Vawdrey
Room: 31
Karen Toone
Room: 29

Instructional Techs

Cherish Oman
Student Advocate
George Juezo
Cornerstone Tech
Jen Dahl
Student Advocate
Julie Green
Student Advocate
Room: 34

Special Education - Technicians

Amber Jones
Brooke Rasmussen
Kristen Sansom
Laura Peck
Lisa Robertson
Marlene Vest
McKayla Loftin-King
Tonia Nelson

Support Services - School Nurse

Kirsten Weber
School Nurse

Support Services - Lunch

Brenda Liddiard
Eva Patterson
Heather Schenck
Jackie Hartley
Lesley Shepherd
Melissa Merrill
Rebecca Patterson
Robin Wilson
Sherry McDaniel
Lunch Clerk

Support Services - Custodial

Hunter McKee
Lead Night Custodian
Ross Mason
Shane Hansen
Lead Custodian

The State of Utah certifies and qualifies teachers in three licensing areas:

  1. Professional license – A Professionally licensed teacher has met all state requirements to teach in their assigned area.
  2. Associates license – A teacher is enrolled in a University program and is actively working towards Professional license, for example: an intern teacher, a student teacher etc.
  3. Local Education Agency Specific (LEA Specific License) – A teacher has demonstrated competence and expertise in a current area of assignment or is a Professionally licensed teacher working towards an endorsement in an area of current assignment. These licenses are issued for 1, 2 or 3 years and are issued according to District policy.
School Teacher Count Professional License Count % Associate License Count % LEA License Count %
 SFJHS  63  48  77  3  4  12  19
Updated 11/13/2020