Math Students Use Snacks to Learn Concepts

By Brittany Lee and Rillene Nielsen

Learning new math concepts can be tough sometimes, but when you can snack as you learn, like seventh-grade students in Miss Brittany Lee’s class did, learning becomes easier.

Miss Lee reported, “In honors Math 7 we learned how to combine like terms using Goldfish, pretzels, and Cheez-its. Students explored which crackers you can group together then students explored how to use the grouping method to simplify expressions.”

Local Author Visits SFJH

By Kaylee Ashdown, student

Mr. Anson’s novel writing class recently had a guest speaker, Tifani Clark. She is a local author of six books, such as Shadow of a Life and On Liberty’s Watch. Her first book was published in early 2014, and only took six weeks to write. She spoke to the novel writing class and 9th grade honors English classes, presenting a creative way to create a plot. She presented her ideas in a series of questions:

Lobo’s Basketball Off to a Sizzling Start

by Garrett Johnson, Boy’s Coach

The boys’ basketball team is off to a hot start this season.  They now have 3 wins and 1 loss. 

The team has been able to get good all-around play from all 12 players.  The hustle and fight in this team is incredible. 

A great home crowd is always nice to have, and SF Jr. has the best in the region.  The team has been able to defeat Payson, Pleasant Grove and Provo at home.  The lone loss of the season came on the road against a very talented American Fork team.  


Lobo Update 11/28/16


Parents, Students and Friends –

 Mid-Term and Parent Teacher Conferences

Mid-Term is this Friday, December 2nd - Students, let’s make sure that all work is turned in and any deficient grades are raised. Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held the following Thursday, December 8th from 3:30 – 8:00pm.

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