Lobo Update 3/25/15


Parents, Students and Friends

Return of Registration Materials

Please be aware that ALL registration materials must be returned by Friday, March 27th with parent signatures. 7th graders: Return your forms to your CTE teacher. 8th graders: Return your forms to your US History teacher. If you have any questions about registration please drop by the counseling center and speak with the registrar Mrs. Provstgaard or a counselor.

 3rd Term Report Cards

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


Dog Run Problem

Answer:  No...it is 99% of the old. Winners: Kyle Bartlett, Andrew Gunyan, Maddy Johnson, and Greg Olson

Deck Problem

Your Dad is going to build a deck for your house and he finds the perfect plans but he needs to make it 2/3 as big as it is in the plans.  He wants you to help him come up with the new measurements.  Then, he wants you to make a scale drawing so he can share his new plans with his brother.  He wants the scale to be 1/2 inch = 1 foot.

Answer's to Last Weeks Math Problem of the Week and the New Math Problem of the Week


TV Problem
Answers:  Length = 21.6”; Width = 16.2”
Winner:   Maddy Johnson

Dog Run Problem

Tim wanted to change the shape of his dog run so that his dog has more room but he isn't sure this will give him more space.    He decides to increase the length by 10% and decrease the width by 10%.  Is the new area more that the old?  Why or why not?