Lobo Update 10/1/14


Parents, Students and Friends - 

ACT Explore Test
All 8th grade students will be taking the ACT Explore test one week from today, on Wednesday, October 8th. We will send home an informational flyer with students that will include a message to parents and tips for students. For more information about this test or how to prepare for it visit www.explorestudent.org  

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


No ONE Answer:  728

Winners: Iaon Carter, Lacey Gardner, Tayler Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Natalie Kuhni, Ethan Morley, Camryn Oldham, Morgan Olson, Zach Staheli, and Matthew Whitaker

Our new math problem of the week is:

The Disappearing Dollar

Three friends have a meal in a restaurant and they are charged $25.  They each chip in with a $10 bill and hand it to the waiter.  The waiter, though, isn't very good at math (like dividing the $5 change by 3), so he keeps $2 as a tip and hands each friend $1. 

Cells Anyone?

Photo courtesy of Chris Thompson

Armed with boxes of sidewalk chalk Mr. Hallam's Biology classes went outside of the school to draw cell structures. This is something that his classes do every year, and it gives his students a large canvas to show off what they have learned.