Zombie Haiku Winners 2014

Dusting off the brains
Mopping up the crimson blood
A zombie mom’s “dream”
Bailey Hendricks

 English teachers hate
Zombies because they speak with
Wendy Price

 Hijacking the world
One human’s flesh at a time
Having no mercy
Alex Webb

 Zombie hide and seek
Come out wherever you are
Tag you with a bite
Jessica Olsen

Lobo Update 10/29/14


9th Grade Basketball Team

Tryouts for both the girls and boys 9th grade basketball team will be held, starting Monday, November 10th. There will be an informational meeting for all interested 9th grade students on Thursday, Nov. 6th afterschool in the gym.  If you have any questions or concerns contact Coach Beyer or Coach Johnson.

Intramural Open Gym

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


The winners from our last Math Problem of the Week, Decorating Pumpkins Problem 

Answer: 60 different combinations

Winners:  Jessica Anderson, Gavin Campbell, Eli Casetta, Peyton Christensen, Angela Cook, Daxton Davis, Kennedy Frame, Lacey Gardner, Alex Gowon, Andrew Gunyan, Beau Jensen. Brock Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Natalie Kuhni, Brok McLeod, Melissa Monroe, Ethan Morley, Mason Olson, Morgan Olson, Nathan Ramirez, Britton Redd, Cassidy Simons, Zach Staheli, Sadie Stewart, Megan Vehar, Matthew Whitaker, and Wei Williams