Boys and Girls PE Have a Full Schedule

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Excited for this year’s P.E?  You defiantly should be!  The PE is a great way to get moving after sitting through all those other class.  Some might think P.E. isn’t important, but actually it’s one of the most important classes you’ll take!

Mrs. Binks, (the girls P.E coach) has been coaching PE for 29 years. She loves the whole idea of a class that encourages kids to get up and move.  Some of the athletic activities Mrs. Binks likes to do in her spare time include, playing badminton, riding her bike, taking long walks, or just being outdoors.  As a kid, she enjoyed playing volleyball and basketball. The sport she finds most entertaining to watch is baseball, and her favorite team is the New York Yankees.  She also enjoys the teams from SFHS and any team from the SUU, the school she attended.

The girls P.E classes will be playing softball, soccer, badminton, basketball, volleyball, volley tennis, and end the semester with recreational games.  The girls that are in first semesters P.E, have just finished with badminton, and will soon start basketball.

Coach Gubb, (real name Casey Nelson--the boys P.E coach) has been coaching for 5 years. He also coaches Aerobic and Body Conditioning.  He believes that P.E. is a very good way for kids to get moving.  It also lets kids know what it’s like to be on a team.

He tries to get everyone in the game by motivating them to play hard and participate. Coach Gubb enjoys playing baseball, doing video workouts, and jogging, in his spare time.  When he was a kid, he played lots of baseball. He loves it.  He enjoys watching the Cubs, and BYU college football games.

After the boys 3 minute warm up, they begin their activities.  The sports they are doing throughout the semester are softball, flag football, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, basketball, badminton, and handball.

The P.E. coaches are excited to play sports this year, and so are we!


By Sydney White and Madi Welling