Library Host Readers Café

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/25/2019 - 12:35

This Tuesday was the first Reader’s Cafe. Reader’s Cafe is a thing the library does for the students at the Jr. High. It happens every last Tuesday of every month. If you sign up for the Reader’s Cafe, you go to the library and have a treat and listen to a teacher tell you about a few of their favorite books during pack time.

This Tuesday Mrs. Freeland spoke about five of her favorite books, while the students that signed up ate doughnuts. Mrs. Freeland likes historical fiction.

Anna Bush said, “It was super fun and we got to learn about a lot of new books. My favorite part was the doughnuts! Thank you librarians!”

Mrs. Freeland shared Fever 1793, My Brother Sam is Dead, Woods Runner, Chasing Lincoln's Killer, and Spies of the American Revolution.

Mrs. Wilson, our librarian, got Cowboy Doughnuts for all the students, and they were very grateful.

After Mrs. Freeland ended, Mrs. Wilson called on students to share some of their favorite books. Some of the books that were shared were, Fablehaven, Janitors, The Secret Series, and Tricked. They all sound like good books.

By Ashlynn Gappmayer (student, grade 7)