February 2015

SFJH Men Selected For Spanish Fork High Frosh Baseball Team

By Rillene Nielsen

Congratulations to the following young men who have been selected to play ball this spring for the Dons.

Briggs Ashworth 

Brock Johnson

Carson Chappell

CJ Wood

Colby Gammon

Dylan Lee

Jaden Nelson

Josh Cowden

Ryley Hess

Sage Olson

Tyler Sorensen

Wyatt Bair

If you see them in that hall, give them a high five!


Students Participate in a Naturalization Ceremony

by Laura Carter

U.S. History students at Spanish Fork Junior High school participated in a  field trip Friday, February 20.  The honors class were special guests at the Naturalization Ceremony (new citizens are sworn in) presided over by United State District Judge Clark Waddoups at the new federal courthouse in Salt Lake City.  Students were inspired by the emotional testimonials given by many of the new citizens as they shared their stories of immigration and citizenship.

Students Experience Hands-on STEM Objects


SPANISH FORK, Utah — Students at Spanish Fork Junior High had a chance to experience hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) education during their career and college course. Tiffany Myers, Career, Technology, Education (CTE) instructor, demonstrated different healthcare concepts and careers in her class.

Using a STEM education kit donated by Central Utah Clinic and the Utah STEM Action Center, Myers gave her students a hands-on experience. The kit included materials considered to be luxury items or costly for teachers and schools to purchase.

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


The Plot of Land Problem 

Answer:  6 square miles 

Winners: Kyle Bartlett, Andrew Gunyan, Maddy Johnson

The Garden Problem 

Rose fills each of the rectangular regions of her rectangular flower bed with a different type of flower.  The lengths, in feet, of the rectangular regions in her flower bed are as shown in the figure.  She plants one flower per square foot in each region.  Asters cost $1 each, begonias $1.50 each, cannas $2 each, dahlias $2.50 each, and Easter lilies $3 each.  What is the least possible cost, in dollars, for her garden?

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


The Valentine Problem

Answer:  8 feet 

Winners: Kyle Bartlett & Maddy Johnson

The Plot of Land Problem


The shaded triangular plot of land

ACB lies between Aspen Road, Brown road and a railroad.  Main Street runs east and west, and the railroad runs north and south.  The numbers in the diagram indicate distances in miles.  The width of the railroad track can be ignored.  How many square miles are in the shaded plot of land ACD?





Val O Grams


It’s that time of year again! Student Council will be selling Val-o-grams and locker Heart Attacks all week during lunch.  What better way to let your friends know how much you care than sending a candy bar during class or plastering their locker with hearts?  C’mon, Spanish Fork Junior High, let’s show just how much Lobo Love we have by sending Val-o-grams or Heart Attacks to those we care about.

Answer's to Last Weeks Math Problem of the Week and the New Math Problem of the Week


Tournament Problem

 Answer:  240 games 

Winners: Locke Brown, Gavin Campbell, Elizabeth Castillo, Angela Cook, Andrew Gunyan, Maddy Johnson

The Valentine Problem

Sarah was told that she has a very special Valentine surprise hidden behind a brick in the wall of the school building.  She puts a 25-foot ladder against the side of the wall, with the base of the ladder 7 feet from the building.  After she climbs the ladder she finds that she needs to move it down 4 feet to reach the right brick.  How far out did she move the base of the ladder?