December 2015

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


Probability of a Snow Day

 When the weatherman says the chance of snow in the city is a certain percent, this is a measurement called “Probability of Precipitation.” The “Probability of Precipitation” is the chance of precipitation occurring in any area of the city. The formula for Probability of Precipitation is PoP = C × A, where C is the percent chance precipitation will occur somewhere in the city, expressed as a decimal, and A is the fraction of the city that will receive precipitation.

It Pays to Get Good Grades


The final winners in the “C’s, B’s and A’s Before the Holidays” contest are

Lyssa Fisk and Brylee Ferre—9th grade

Erin Hansen and Haygen Kogianes—8th grade

Isak Bartholomew and Kacey Anderson—7th grade


Sweaters. Ugly sweaters. Ugly Sweaters Galore!

by Rillene Nielsen

SFJH halls were awash in gaudiness on the final school Friday of 2015.  Why?  The annual Ugly Christmas Sweaters Contest.  Teachers and students alike dressed in the Christmas—uh, well—hey, they sure were Christmassy. 

Students competed for the title of Ugliest Sweater during their lunch periods.  


Utah Leadership Conference

by Katelynn Poulsen and Katelyn Beckstead

On December 11th-12th 10, Spanish Fork Junior High FFA members went to Ogden for the Utah Leadership Conference. 

We were split up into groups for 50 minutes where we learned how to be better leaders.  We also learned a lot about public speaking. 

After the two workshops, there was a dance.  The dance was filled with laughter.  The next morning the convention started up at 8:00 am and went until 4:30pm.

Everyone had a great time at ULC and made new friends and memories.  We are all better leaders.  


FFA Teaches Teambuilding and Cooperation

by Katelynn Poulsen and Katelyn Beckstead

Students worked together to play the "snowball" game.  They had to work together as a team to knock the "snowballs" off the table.  Students then had a discussion about what worked well and what didn't.  If they didn't work together they couldn't accomplish the task.

Drama Students Create Puppet Shows

by Rillene Nielsen

Ms. Holly’s fourth period Drama students, all seventh graders, are busy writing scripts, designing sets, and creating puppets for productions after Winter break.

Students are in charge of all aspects of their productions.  During the last week before the break, students were busy creating their set pieces.  Performances start once they get back.


Loss to Lady Spartans Shows Lady Lobos Where to Improve

by Shea Harmer with Rillene Nielsen

Winning is fun, but losing shows us what we need to learn.  This was the case for the Lady Lobos this week after their efforts came up short against Salem Junior’s girls’ team.  The final score was 31-24, Salem.  Here are Coach Harmer’s observations.

“The Lady Lobos struggled at their game on Monday against Salem Jr.  They got off to a slow start and were never really able to get the energy and intensity up that they needed to win the game.”

Defense and Free Throws Key in Win Over Salem Spartans

by Garrett Johnson with Rillene Nielsen

Coming off a win over Mapleton, the SFJH Lobos left home court advantage behind to battle the boards with the Salem Spartans on Monday.  We’ll let Coach Johnson fill in the details:

“The boys’ basketball team traveled to Salem Jr. on Monday and was able to leave with the W.  The Lobos played a very tightly contested defensive battle and were able to come out victorious with a 49 to 42 victory over the Spartans.”

“I am very pleased with how we took care of the ball throughout the game--we were able to create turnovers on several occasions.”