April 2019

Girls Who Code Club

By: Emmalyse Beecher

Did you know that you can join the Girls Who Code Club?  Mrs. Mendonsa is the mentor, and this club is a small part of the national Girls Who Code program.  This club takes place on Thursdays during Pack Time and after school in Mrs. Mendonsa’s room. At this club we code and create video games and we are in the process of coding a Raspberry Pi robot.  We always have lots of fun when we code, and we try to help each other on different games. We learn to code using board games, a website called Gamestar Mechanic, and many more programs.

Poetry Slam!

We're having our school Poetry Slam on Thursday, April 25th at 6:30 pm in the Little Theater. All are welcome to attend.

World Civ Students Push for a Revolution!

story by Shea Harmer, with Rillene Nielsen pictures by Shea Harmer

Mrs. Harmer’s 9th grade World Civilizations classes marched their written complaints and arguments to the school office and posted them on Mr. Christensen’s door in the hopes of starting a school reformation.

Students have been learning about Martin Luther and his Protestant Reformation.  Luther had complaints about the Catholic Church during the Renaissance.  He articulated them in his Ninety-five Theses and posted them on the main doors to the church so everyone could see them.

Spanish Fork Junior High Freshmen have now had this experience of their own!

LOBO UPDATE 04/15/19

Parents, Students, and Friends -


If you are interested in completing an Associate Degree while in High School there are some informational meetings being held by UVU at the ALC in Salem (161 E 400 N). Dates: April 17, May 16 & August 8. All meetings start at 6:30 pm.


Freshman Brian Gunyan Takes Second in State

story be Rillene Nielsen, Tanner Mortimer and Bryan Gunyan picture by Tanner Mortimer

On Saturday, March 23, Brian Gunyan, a Freshman at Spanish Fork Junior High, participated in the varsity section of the Utah State Chess tournament where he took second place in state!

Brian reported, “Unfortunately, I was unable to perform in the official segment due to other obligations. During this tournament, I took second place with 4.5/6 points, one loss and one draw that should have been a win and would have been a win if I had looked at the board for a few more seconds. The winner had 5/6 points.”

“She Tech” Seminar a Huge Success

by Aspen Brinkerhoff Pictures by Aspen Brinkerhoff and Angela Rogers, a She Tech instructor

She Tech was an amazing experience that encourages girls to get involved with technology and science. I enjoyed the entire event and would definitely recommend it to others.

Some of my favorite features include the “Raspberry Pi” class.  Raspberry Pi is a very basic computer you can program to do different things. In the “Girls Who Code” after-school club, we are using this technology to build a robotic dog.

Freshmen Explore Career Choices

by Melissa Nielson

Recently, our 9th graders completed some activities on www.utahfutures.org . Students took the Career Cluster Inventory and were able to look up occupations and what education is needed for careers they are interested in.

They were also able to look up college admission information so they are familiar with what is required and how to do a scholarship search to see the thousands of scholarships available and how to apply.

Shakespeare for the Family—It’s Free!


The Utah Shakespeare Festival is once again hitting the road with its Shakespeare-in-the-Schools touring production – this year performing one of the world’s first psychological thrillers, William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

An evening performance for everyone is this Monday, April 15, at 3:30 p.m. at Spanish Fork High School, 300 West 99 North, Spanish Fork. And, admission is free.

Another performance will be held on Tuesday, April 16, at 7:30 at Springville High School, 1205 East 900 South, Springville.