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7th Grade Band Stages Join the Band “Petting Zoo” for 6th Graders

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 03/21/2014 - 18:08
by Matthew Wendell and Rillene Nielsen

These last few weeks have been very busy for the Lobo Bands. March is recruiting season as well as festival season.  With the help of carpooling parents beginning band members, mostly made up of seventh grade students, went on a recruiting tour.

Students from the Beginning Band went through a selection process to even be allowed to recruit. Mr. Wendell set high standards for those who go on tour. Students had to have at least a “B” (not “B-“) in all of their classes, needed the permission from all of their teachers and parents, and had to memorize music for performance. About eighteen students were selected to help teach “Instrument Petting Zoo” to sixth graders from Brockbank, Canyon, East Meadows, and Riverview Elementary Schools.

After some discussion about what band is and the many lifelong benefits of being a part of the band, the sixth-graders were asked some science questions on how sound is made and how musical instruments work. With help from some band students and some brave volunteers from our 6th grade classes, Mr. Wendell then gave all the sixth graders a crash course on how to play each instrument.

Seventh grader Meg Haroldsen led the band in a performance of “We Are Young” by Fun, a piece the Lobo band had memorized. After the performance, sixth grade students all got an opportunity to play the instruments themselves with guidance from the young Lobo Band (and a lot of sanitizing spray). 

If you would like more information on how you can be part of the SFJH Band as a students, patron, or sponsor, contact Mr. Wendell (, visit for demonstrations of instruments, and visit  for how music continues building 21st century skills.  Here you can even share your stories about band!