ALL Students Are Invited to Join Nebo Afterschool Clubs


Attention all Parents and Students: Registration for 3rd Term Nebo Afterschool Clubs will be starting TOMORROW JAN. 4th, 2017.  Third term clubs will begin Tuesday, Jan. 17 on the first day of 3rd term.  Students can pick up a registration form in the front office.  Once the form is filled out and signed by a parent/guardian the form needs to be turned in to Mrs. Gross in the front office ASAP in order to have a spot saved for them in the club of their choice. Clubs start at 2:45pm and will run until 4:15pm daily. Students can join as many clubs as they would like but are limited to one club per day, so look through the list and see what clubs interest you most.  If you have any questions please feel free to email Heather Gross at:  

2nd Term Clubs Offered:

  • MONDAY through FRIDAY  - Early morning homework help with Ms. Green in room 34
  • MONDAY - Ukulele Club with Mr. Provstgaard
  • TUESDAY- Russian Club with Mr. Lawrence, Eligibility Made Easy Club with Mrs. Swenson
  • WEDNESDAY- Dumbledore's Army with Ms. Dannelly, Chess Club with Mr. Mortimer and  Mr. Lawrence
  • THURSDAY- Helping Hands Club with Mr. Lawrence, Pinterest/Disneyland Foods with Mrs. Brockbank 
  • FRIDAY- German Club with Mrs.Phillips, Board Games with Mr. Provstgaard and Remember - Every Friday Morning join us for B-Ball in the Gym

For a full description of each club visit the SFJHS website and click on Nebo After School Clubs. Attend only one club or join several, it’s up to you, just remember - these clubs are gonna be a lot of fun so don’t miss out!