Anti-Valentine Poetry Winners Announced Today


Congratulations to the 2017 Anti-Valentine Poetry Contest Winners:

1st Place: Isabella Namanny

2nd Place: Ryen Hansbrow

3rd Place: Hailee Peterson

Honorable Mention: Myllie Reaves

 “Valentine's Day”

by Isabella Namanny

 There is something about Valentine’s Day that I will never be able to forget.

No, it was not when I got food poisoning from that donut

And it was not the time when my brother was severely injured in an attempt to impress a girl.

No, it was not when my tooth came out on a candy heart.

And it was not when I first asked you out.

Nor was it the time when my eyebrows burnt off

Or when I proposed

It wasn’t when we got married

And it was not when our first child was born

It was not when he graduated from college

Or when he got married

It was not when he had kids

And it was not when we played with them

Though those memories make me glad, there was one moment, that was different from the rest

Valentine’s Day was always special to us, until one day, it was not the same

I had come home from work that day

Bouquet of flowers in hand

I was ready to eat a meal with you

But you were not in the kitchen

I hurriedly looked around the house, I was scared

You were on the bedroom floor, barely moving

Picking you up, I put you in the car

I rushed you to the hospital, panicked, and scared

I yelled for a nurse, and they were instantly there

They took you into the surgery room

And told me to wait in a chair

I called our son, he got there as soon as he could

Grandkids following behind

We waited 3 hours, waiting for you

I was on my knees, praying, pleading to God

Begging that you would be ok

A nurse walked in and ushered us into your room

You were in a bed, looking sicker than ever

The nurse leaned towards me and whispered in my ear

“She only has a little bit left to live, I’m sorry.”
Those words hit me like a brick

It couldn’t be true

This couldn’t be happening

But it was

I walked towards your bed

I kneeled onto the floor and grabbed your hand

You looked towards me and smiled

“You are still the same amazing man that I first met in elementary school.”

I kissed your forehead, tears began to form in my eyes

“Thank you for the wonderful life dear.”

As the tears began to flow, your heart stopped beating

The grip you had on my hand, loosened

I had just lost you

After seventy years of marriage

You were gone

We had a small funeral

Only a few close people came

I left your favorite flowers on your grave

And said my last goodbye, and turned away to go back home

But this time, you were not with me,

I was alone

For the first time, you were not there to hug me

You were not there, to tell me everything was going to be ok

But I knew, that you were in a better place

And I soon, would be there too

Thank you for everything dear

 “Junior High Valentine”

by Ryen Hansbrow

 My hands are unbelievably sweaty,

my dog chewed your present to confetti.

The chocolates are a melted mess,

I wasn’t sure, was I supposed to dress?

The flowers I bought you are sadly wilted,

meanwhile my head is unnervingly tilted

My friends are all on the floor laughing,

probably mentally photographing,

while my ears are burning bright red,

and my hard earned reputation is dying or dead.

I know it’s only Junior High,

but this is way too much for just one guy.

I simply shrug and laugh it off,

and you give a polite and gentle cough.

My face turns red as I give the punch line,

will you be my Junior High Valentine?

 “Anti Cupid’s Arrow”

by Hailee Peterson

 Valentine’s day made me want to croak,

So I was happy when cupid’s arrow broke.

One less day with overwhelming mush,

or a boy to make my heart crush.

No chocolates to add inches to my thighs,

or conversation hearts with saying I despise.

No flowers that wilt and die Hooray!

I love anti Valentine’s Day!

 “Sappy Love Letter”

by Myllie Reaves                  

 My Love,

            My heart beats only for you. My head is full of consuming thoughts of you….Your hair is smooth and silky when I run my fingers through it, the color of golden honey. Your eyes are deep blue like the depths of the ocean flowing over the sand. Your lips are like sweet melted butter over popcorn. Your tongue is like sandpaper rubbing against my cheek. Your abs are like roast beef that just went to training camp and  came out of the oven smoking hot! Your biceps are like cannonballs big and strong. When I feel them my whole body melts. My heart will beat your name forever. You are my Knight in shining armor that will whisk me away into the sunset.                

                                                                          Forever Yours-

                                                                                                Your Devoted Love