Cross Country Coaches Really Made a Difference


Several of our junior high school students had the opportunity this year to participate on the high school cross country team including Ammon Beck, Bayleigh Redd, Ethan Binks, Daniel Buckley, Tyler Reese, David Riding, Josie Wright, and Allyson Fernandez. 

The season began about halfway through August and went through the middle of October, but training began much earlier. These athletes began their training in June, practicing throughout the summer including attending a mountain camp. Mountain camp gave the students a chance to train on a lot of hills and grow together as a team. 

Once school began, students practiced every day after school with meets on Fridays. Sometimes the courses were dirt and grass with grueling hills. Other times the course was flat with lots of pavement.

 Bayleigh Redd said, “It was so amazing to work with the coaches and athletes at the school. Coming in as a freshman, I did not expect to be welcomed as well as I was. I assumed that I wouldn't be of much importance to the team because I was very young and new to the team, but the team helped me improve much more than I thought I would be able to. They took in all the freshmen and helped them with everything. The whole team is very supportive of each other and wants everyone to do well. The coaches helped all the athletes to know what they had the potential to do and know how to do it. They helped to push everyone to improve. I could immediately tell that the coaches cared about the team and wanted the best for everyone. It was nice having coaches that were so experienced and knowledgeable. Coach Kary, Coach Cable, and Coach Romney all played a part in helping me do as well as I did, and everyone benefited because of them.” 

Congratulations on a great season!