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February Teacher of the Month: Travis Moss

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 02/17/2012 - 06:28
By: Elaine Peterson

Where would Spanish Fork Junior High be without an amazing Spanish language program to help us fulfill our namesake?  When Senor Whitney left us last year we worried but all was not lost—this year we have an outstanding new teacher—Mr. Moss to carry on our proud Spanish tradition!

Mr. Moss is a truly gifted teacher.  His students love to go to his class because he is extremely engaging and creative in his lesson plans.  He even has students singing and dancing in the aisles to help them learn!  Just walk past his classroom sometime and see how engaged he is with his students.  They are really using the Spanish language and are all motivated to learn because they get to actively participate each day.  Is it any wonder the teaching philosophy of Mr. Moss is “I’m here to challenge and help students reach their potential.”  Furthermore, he recently stated “I live for the moments when students overcome obstacles and progress.”

In his personal life, Mr. Moss loves to watch and play basketball.  Sorry Utes fans, but his favorite basketball team is B.Y.U.  I guess it will come as no surprise that his favorite music is Spanish, his favorite food is his wife’s enchiladas, and his favorite restaurant is El Salvador.  He has traveled to Costa Rica and Mexico and would one day love to visit Chile.  Something that students may not know about Mr. Moss is that he loves poetry.  And, if you want to reward him, please bring the snickers, and Dr. Pepper!

We are so fortunate to have Mr. Moss in our school as a teacher and positive role model.  When you see him, thank him for his awesomeness and for all he does to make SFJHS a great place to learn!