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The Field Day

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 10/04/2011 - 07:37
By Mrs. Drollette’s class

            Mrs. Drollette’s class went to a field day on September 29th at Mapleton Jr. High. We competed against classes from Jr. Highs across the district. Some highlights were the high jump, 100m race, archery, peer tutors, and dance.

            The high jump event was a blast. As Alexis Fisk reports, “it’s fun to land on the soft comfy mat.” Alexis won first place in this event for the girls, jumping over 4 feet. Her classmates were excited for her.

            The 100 meter race gave us another first place winner from Spanish Fork Jr. High. Ricky Zelaya topped the boys with 4.8 seconds. He enjoyed the thrill of competition and the crowd cheering when his name was announced.

            Archery was one of the most challenging events, but the strength of the bow and the excitement of seeing their arrows fly made it a favorite for many students.

            We were joined by two lovely peer tutors from our school, and we met several more peers at Mapleton. They helped make the day fun, smooth, and positive. Students specifically listed the peer tutors as highlights of the field day.

            Finally, a dance finished the field day. Fun music played and balloons flew. Students from all schools came together. They enjoyed watching each other and trying new dances.

            Congratulations to all of the students, and thanks to all those who helped during the day and prepared ahead of time to make this event successful!