Honors Math Students See How Math is Used in the “Real World”

By Eric Ferrin

Honors students in Mr. Ferrin's math class had the opportunity on February 23rd to go to the BYU Science and Engineering Expo.  While there, the students participated in a variety of Stem related activities, each with an explanation of the science and math involved, as well as the jobs and careers that might use these activities.  Some of these activities were paper airplane building and then trying to land in a given target, Lego pinewood derby racers, creating ice cream, creating their own straw rockets, experimenting with a topographic table, virtual reality simulations, walking with prosthetic legs, robot cars, cyber security, and much, much more. 

Following the activities, the students were taken to a couple of labs where they saw the electrical impulses of a heart, how water can cut through diamond or steel, how dams can be made safer for people, and new more lightweight designs for light poles.  It was a great time to see how the things that they are learning in school can be applied to real life situations.