Introducing Mr. Jerry Whiting

Mr. Whiting will be new to Spanish Fork Junior High next year and will be teaching science. We asked Mr. Whiting to introduce himself and this is what he had to say:

" Hi! I am Mr. Whiting and I will be teaching seventh grade science this year.  I am super excited to have you in my class, so buckle up and get ready to have a blast and learn a lot at the same time!

Whether you know a lot about science or not, my goal is to help you understand the natural world around you, such as how things work and why.  Have you ever wondered why the astronauts "float" in space seemingly weightless even though they are experiencing almost as much gravity as you and me?  Well, we'll be learning a lot of cool things like that and more! But before I jump the gun, I hope you have had a great summer break.  I have.  One highlight of my summer was a trip with my family to Costa Rica. While there, I took a "Monkey Mangrove Tour" down a river in the jungle and saw a sloth, bats, crabs, lizards, turtles and crocodiles, and even had a group of Capuchin monkeys get onto our boat!  It was amazing!

I absolutely love to travel, to learn new languages, to meet new people and to learn about their cultures and traditions.  I am trilingual and am working on my fourth language right now.  My third language was actually Mongolian.  Pretty wild, right?  After an LDS mission, I graduated from BYU and have lived all over, but am a south Utah County native.

I enjoy playing sports and games, working with my hands, particularly wood working, spending a lot of time with my family, and reading.  The last book I read was written by my brother, entitled, "A Sacred Moment in Time: Deciphering the Restoration Scriptures and New Covenant."

I am looking forward to meeting you this school year. Enjoy your summer!"