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Lady Lobos Love Tennis

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 13:53
By Sydney White

The tennis girls are back, and they're ready! On Thursday, September 6th, the Spanish Fork Lobo tennis team played their first game of the season at Salem Jr. High School.

The Lady Lobos will play each Tuesday and Thursday.  In the match-up against Salem Junior, singles player Alisun Vehar won 6-3.   Doubles winners included Kimberly Brammel and Lilly Bingam with a score of won 6-4.  Other Lady Lobos suffering unfortunate, but hard fought defeats were Megan Vehar and Abby Evedeen, 0-6; Emily Colton and Sarah Warner ,  2-6.  Each match was extremely close and all players worked hard to win.  Most important, they have plenty of fun doing it.

Alisun Vehar, a 9th grader at SFJH, explained that she was behind in the beginning of her match, but eventually pulled ahead. Alisun’s been playing for 8 years, and is excited to start a new year with the Lobos. She knows, “If you work hard, you can do anything difficult, and you feel good about yourself afterward.” Alisun also says she is very grateful to all her friends who have supported her along the way.

Alisun’s younger sister, Megan Vehar, has just started her first year of tennis. She is determined to work her way to the top. She has always seen Alisun play tennis and decided she wanted to give the sport a try.  Megan is a 7th grader at SFJH.

The tennis girls are training hard, and they're off to a good start.  Let’s go LOBOS!