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Leave it Unsaid: Lying is a Drug

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 06:13
by: Tristan Anderson

Lying comes easily to some but harder to others. As human beings we are cursed.  We use lying in our everyday lives. Like food and water, some people survive on lying. For some, it has gotten them either further in life; for others it’s gotten them nowhere. Check your self; have you ever ignored the truth to tell a lie?

Have you ever listened to someone talking then called him or her out on his or her lies? How could you tell they were lying? “Some people are good liars and some people are bad, but they all show different signals,” states Robert Feldman, Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, in an interview with “The Independent,” a United Kingdom online journal.  Most people’s eyes become dilated or their voice changes dramatically. They may stutter or tend to slur their words. Other signs may be different though. Unlike Pinocchio whose nose grew, many people’s mouths may twitch. Some cannot even make eye contact while lying.

Are you a true friend? Telling lies to make someone happy may be the easiest, but what will happen once they find out that you were lying? You want to be a trustworthy person, even if it means telling someone that they do look fat in that outfit. You wouldn’t want to publicly embarrass someone, right? That is not the civil thing to do. If having faith in someone is your goal, let him or her have faith in you.

Is telling “white lies” inevitable? Some say, “Yes! White lies are as natural as getting dressed.” But what if someone caught you without bottoms? That’s a yikes! So why lie? If you are caught lying, the punishment is much worse than being caught bottomless.  I realize that we are not made of wood like Pinocchio.  We don’t have magical noses that grow.  But we are just as easy to catch telling a white lie. Speaking the truth is better than being caught red handed. Lying is like stealing, taking something and making it yours. It’s like changing the truth into a tall tale.

  “Trade the truth in for a lie, cheating really ain’t a crime,” sings Miranda Lambert, a hit country singer tells us in one of her songs, “Kerosene.”  She relates cheating to lying saying, “You’re my one and only” and “no one can ever come between us.” But if you tell those you love only what they want to hear then go behind their backs to be with someone else, you are lying. Lying through their teeth is what some call it. The truth hurts far less, than a filthy lie.

Lying is often said to be part of human nature. Many people cannot refrain from lying, whether it be a simple, “No, there’s nothing in your braces” to a complicated lie that can get you into major trouble. “In the end it makes our relationships less real. People have been found to express regret for pulling something over on another person- even when they think they are doing it to make something better.” Robert Feldman explains to us.

Being truthful may put you into a situation where you wish you had told a fib, but telling a lie will get you into deeper trouble than needed. If you’re wondering if your friends are lying to you, keep a look out for a change in facial expressions. It is easier to spot than a buck in the trees. Remember: Telling a lie cuts deeper than the flat out truth.