Mr. Anson's Poetry Winners


1st Place Winner: Jaxon Judd, 7th grade

 “Ninjas of Love”

 The night is black.

Ninjas are, too.

If you were a samurai,

I would fight you—

 Quick like a cat,

And silent like a dove,

Swinging a sword of passion

And the ninja stars of love.



2nd Place Winner: Jensen Lewis, 7th Grade

 My love for you is like ice cream and mustard:

No matter what you do, it just doesn’t work.

 When I look into your eyes

Everything gets creepy and I throw up.

 When I say “It’s not you,” you ask, “Really?”

I then say, “No, it is you. I’m just too nice to say it.”

 When you speak

I wish I had earplugs because I really don’t want to hear you,

Mostly because I don’t want to throw up again.

 So Happy Valentine’s Day and all that stuff,

But like I said: ice cream and mustard.

 P.S. Next time try sprinkles!



Third Place Winner: Sarah Wessman, 7th Grade

 Roses are red,

Oceans are blue.

You are so ugly,

And you smell, too!

 Lipstick is red,

Raindrops are blue.

If I had a boyfriend,

It wouldn’t be you!

 Rubies are red,

Sapphires are blue.

You might like me, but

I don’t like you!


Honorable Mention: Kelsey Parcell, 7th Grade

 I’ll love you for a lifetime,

Not only for a day.

I’ll love you forever

No matter what you say.

I love you with all my heart in every other way,

So will you just be mine for this one very special day?


Honorable Mention: Mrs. Kay, Teacher

 “Ode to Pod 7/8”

 There once was a class

that loved pythons

as much as I loved pythons

 And I fell in love with them—

the class, that is, not the pythons—

because they were funny and playful,

smart and kind of goofy-ish

 Like when they’d say torNAWdo and hurricano

or when we’d talk about death

Ah, death…all roads lead to death

 That poor, little antelope

never saw that python coming, now did he?

At least nobody vomited in class,

and I kept my five bucks.

 You know you love someone when

you can share your crystal ball with them

or eat their Valentine candy

or fight endogastritis before it leads to…you know…death

 There once was a class

that loved singing jingles about helping verbs

as much as I love singing jingles about helping verbs

 And even with all their jedipoodoo,

their mischief and sass,

I fell in love with them,

this python-loving class.


Honorable Mention: Mateen Lomax, 8th Grade

 I don’t know much,

But one thing is true:

From what I feel,

I love you.

 No matter where you are,

I want you to feel,

forever, our love will be

right, true, and real.

 And when you are feeling down,

and when you are blue,

I will be by your side

forever staying true.

 With all the love in my heart,

with every fiber of my being,

for you, three special words

with one special meaning:

 I love you.


 Mr. Anson’s Special Honorable Mention: Mr. Thacker, Teacher

 You make everything better.

Without you my life is incomplete.

I always want you with me,

So my life will no longer be in defeat.

 I wandered without direction.

You alone gave me a purpose.

Now I feel as I have a reason

To no longer roam like a traveling circus.

 Words alone cannot express my love.

Being with you has caused me to awaken.

To me, you are perfection;

Preservatives and all, I love you, bacon.