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Mrs. Parker - Teacher of the Month

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 09:20

Congratulations to Gaylynn Parker.  She has been selected to be the teacher of the month at Spanish Fork Junior High.   Mrs. Parker has taught 7th grade English for the last 7 years.  She is passionate about teaching and her students feel her enthusiasm.

 Mrs. Thompson nominated her by saying:  “Gaylynn Parker is an asset to our school, serving willingly on committees, writing grants for the English department and instigating programs that challenge and inspire students.  This year she is teaching three separate English classes that accommodate a wide range of learners.  She always put students’ needs at the forefront of her curriculum planning which requires a great deal of flexibility and patience.  As an English Department we appreciate her work with English Quest, a gifted and talented program, and we also feel fortunate to benefit from her grant writing which has scored the department a number of books we otherwise would not have been able to fund.

Mrs. Parker has lived in Japan, New York, Thailand, as well as Minnesota, California and Idaho.  She likes fettuccini alfredo and the color pink. 

Her favorite quote is, “I saw the angel in the stone and carved to set him free”.  – Michelangelo

She wants her students to know, “THEY” can make a difference.  We are fortunate to have her as a teacher at our school.