PTA March Madness


What is March without a little basketball Madness?  Join us for our SFJHS PTA sponsored MARCH MADNESS FUNDRAISER, March 28th - April 1st! Please return the parent-signed envelope that was sent home this week to your 2nd period class with a minimum donation of $5 or more per student. There is also the potential to match the money raised through the Nebo Foundation so every donation counts! We do only one fundraiser per year and this is it! 100% of the money raised stays at our school to help with technology upgrades which benefits every student and teacher.  Our funds will go towards anything from Chromebooks, Promethean boards, audio systems, projectors and more so return your signed envelope with your donation of $5 or more per student to your 2nd period teacher and help make this fundraiser a success!  Join us for a little friendly competition. Our student body has been divided into 4 total teams with coaches so let's see where your team ranks. Thank you for supporting SFJHS and the PTA!