Red Ribbon Week - And Then Some

Red Ribbon Week will be October 31st - November 7th.  Here is the schedule:

Monday, October 31st:  Wear Red Day
Pack Time: The National Junior Honors Society students will be coming into each class to hand out candy to students who are dressed in red.  The NJHS will also be reminding the teachers to show a little anti-drug commercial the NJHS students put together in honor of Red Ribbon Week and to announce the anti-drug poster contest. They will also give you details about a contest where you can make your own anti-drug commercial!

Tuesday, November 1st: Pie Eating Contest in the lunchroom
Lunch Time: We need 4 students from each grade and 4 teachers (2 each lunch) to participate in our lunch-time activity.  Sign-up sheets are in the counseling office!!  Teachers!  We will be getting good pies!! :)

Wednesday, November 2nd: Pledges/Promoting Health Lunches
Lunch Time:  Students are encouraged to write down their healthy pledges on construction paper for all to see.  The pledge paper will be in front of the main office during both 1st and 2nd lunch.

Thursday, November 3rd: Encouraging a drug-free life essay contest

Pack Time:  We would like each 2nd period teacher to give their pack time students a writing Prompt:  How can abusing drugs negatively impact a teen's life?  And, how can living drug-free help a teen?  Students, use pack time to polish and finish your paragraph essay.

Friday, November 4th: Active Lifestyles Promotion

Pack Time: The wrestling team and cheer leading team from the high school will be here to promote activity in their groups.  If interested, boys should head to the wrestling room and girls to the little theater for a presentation on being part of those teams.

**Also, the anti-drug commercials and posters will be due in the counseling office by pack time on Friday.

Monday, November 7th: Reflections Winners

Pack Time: The PTA will be coming to the Little Theater to announce the Reflections Essays contest winners.

7th period: We will announce the winners for the essay contest and the anti-drug poster and commercial contest.  I-tunes gift cards and other prized will be given.

Tuesday, November 8th

Pack Time:  We will show the anti-drug commercial winner in the Little Theater during pack time.