Reflections Winners Announced

By Cathy Bennett, PTA Pictures by Rillene Nielsen
L to R: Macady Pulham, Sierra Rightsell, Talon Maurin, Rhiannon Lacefield, Ashley Hunt, Paige Easter
Morgan Roberts
L to R Ruby Campbell, Amanda Insalaco, Rachel Johnson, Megan Graham, Chelsey Froelich, Amanda Graham, Sterling Brinkerhoff
L to R: Ruby Campbell and Camryn Rawe
Madelyn Froelich
Kylee Whiting

The National PTA sponsors a program called Reflections that is for students in all grades and of all abilities to be involved in the arts.

 Annually, thousands of students will reflect on a common theme and create original works of art in the categories of Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts. This year the theme was: "The World Would Be a Better Place If....." 

 It's amazing to see what students come up with when they have a theme and their creative abilities are unleashed!  We had great support from teachers and staff and many students participated in this wonderful program. Those who received an Award of Excellence at the school level, will now move on to be judged at a regional level. 

 We have many talented students at SFJH so we'll see what happens.

 Our school winners include:

Award of Excellence-Literature (Middle School Division 6-8th)

Macady Pulham-7th Grade

Paige Easter-7th Grade

Sierra Rightsell-7th Grade

Talon Maurin-7th Grade

 Award of Excellence-Literature (High School Division 9-12th)

Rhiannon Lacefield-9th Grade

Ashlee Hunt-9th Grade

 Award of Excellence-Photography (Middle School Division 6-8th)

Sterling Brinkerhoff-8th Grade

Ruby Campbell-8th Grade

Amanda Insalaco-8th Grade

 Award of Excellence-Photography (High School Division 9-12th)

Rachel Johnson-9th Grade

Honorable Mention

Megan Graham-9th Grade

Amanda Graham-9th Grade

Chelsey Froelich-9th Grade

 Award of Excellence-Visual Arts (Middle School Division 6-8th)

Ruby Campbell-8th Grade

 Award of Excellence-Visual Arts (High School Division 9-12th )

Camryn Rawe-9th Grade

Award of Excellence-3-Dimensional Art (Middle School Division 6-8th)

Madelyn Froelich-7th Grade

 Award of Excellence-Music Composition (Middle School Division 6-8th)

Morgan Roberts-8th Grade

 Award of Excellence-Film Production (Middle School Division 6-8th)

Kylee Whiting-7th Grade