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Senator Jake Garn Visits SFJH

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 07:33
By Jacob Hardman—Reporter

If you came to school on Wednesday the 9th you might have noticed the tank outside of the school building. If you were not paying attention to the scenery you probably saw people dressed in their Sunday best, and the large painting that Mr. Millman drew. It was our school's Veterans Day Assembly. During third period was the assembly. Mr. Fleming our principal introduced the speakers and then turned the time over to them.

The presentation of the colors of the United States of America was presented by the National Guard. Then Kim Olsen, whose son died in service, Kim Olsen talked about the purple heart which is a badge you get for a sacrifice. She told the students how they can get their own purple heart.

The Veteran who spoke next talked about what heroes really are and how everyone can become heroes to their friends and family. He showed the students a video of how hard it is to have someone in your family die while in service.

And finally the man Jake Garn, He talked about his child hood and he never thought he would go into space. He said how lucky the students are to have the ability to be what they want to and how the veterans fought for this country. Senator Garn stressed that the students should learn all they could could.

Ponder on how cool it is to be able to be what you want to be without any other force stopping you, but with this ability please don’t throw it away by going to jail. Be what you want and remember why we have Veterans Day. If you have any veterans in your family please talk to them and find out why they are veterans, because they'll probably have some cool stories to tell. And remember how and why we have this freedom.