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Seventh-Grade Orientation

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 12:35
By Tristan Anderson

When the summer came to a halt, school bounded in. For the seventh graders, it started a day earlier with 7th grade Orientation.  On Monday, August 20th, self-conscious seventh graders strode into school without intimidating eighth or ninth graders.

Mr. Fleming and Mr. Bake introduced the kids to seventh grade. They greeted the students with friendly smiles and explained what they’d need to know for a successful.  The students enjoyed meeting their new teachers and friendly peers.

While talking with many of those seventh graders, I realized they had many concerns.  Many said that seventh grade was much different from sixth grade. Kyle Bartlett said, “There are multiple teachers and classes, unlike sixth grade. And there is also a lot more homework!” Dax Davis said, “The food here is much better!” Sage Olson noticed that, “The school is a lot bigger.” In addition, Lacey Gardner mentioned that, “We hate being called Sevies!”

Do you believe that first impressions are important? Well, with your teachers first impressions are everything. If you are wild and rambunctious, your teacher will form an opinion about you. Students also form opinions about teachers. If our teachers are boring, we believe that that class will be boring too. Madeleine Riding says, “Most of the teachers are super nice. But it bugs me that some of the teachers aren’t as funny as others.” I asked students who their favorite teachers were so far; some said that they did not know yet. However, a couple said Ms. Holley and Mrs. Binks.

Many seventh graders feel intimidated. When asked “Why?” Samantha Roberts confirmed that her locker intimidated her. Those things can sure be very intimidating! Lockers are very confusing if you do not know how to work them. That is why seventh graders have such a hard time. Abbey Colledge said, “I took me five tries to open mine the first time, and I still haven’t perfected it.” Along with Abbey, Ashlee Allan said it took her a couple tries the first time, but she perfected it in a week.

Older students can be intimidating.  Delaney Vest said, “Ninth graders are the most intimidating and so is becoming the youngest again.”

These seventh graders are now a part of our school and we should help and support them. Remember to Back the Pack.