Sharing the Staff of Life

by Rillene R. E. Nielsen

On Friday, March 6th, 2015, representatives from King Arthur Flour came to SFJH and met with the seventh grade students in a CTE sponsored assembly.  Students learned the ins-and-outs of bread making and were given recipes, a dough scraper, and two 2 pound bags of flour.

Students were encouraged to go home and prepare a bread recipe for their families using one of the bags of flour.  They were asked to use the other bag to make a loaf of bread to share with Tabatha’s Way, a local agency that helps the needy in the Spanish Fork area.  Students were to bring their loaf on Monday so school administrators could take them to the Tabatha’s Way food pantry for distribution.

Monday morning, loaf of bread began to appear.  Mrs. Dobson’s students brought 63 loaves, as did Mrs. Myers classes.  Mr. Thacker’s classes donated 80 loaves, and Mr. Johnson’s students dropped off 74.  All told, 280 loaves of bread were delivered to Tabatha’s Way thanks to our awesome seventh-graders!