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Snails on the Menu for Teen Living Etiquette Dinner

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 12/05/2012 - 09:20
By Taten Knapp

The teen living class recently visited the LaCaille restaurant in Salt Lake City. They visit the restaurant every year, enjoy a great meal, and have a chance to practice good etiquette and manners.

The class focuses on how a teen should live. The teacher, Mrs. Dobson teaches them everything a teen should know to survive junior high and beyond. This trip gives students an opportunity to visit a fancy restaurant most of them would not be able to visit on their own. Mrs. Dobson has been taking her students to this restaurant for the last ten years. She says that they have great prices and cooperate well with the students.

There were seven students who went on the field trip with Mrs. Dobson: Ashley Ainge, Kristen Krupa, Marisa Hutchings, Makayla Grahem, Jordon Ztanes, Preston Watson, Savannah Shields.  Mrs. Thompson and her husband also attended